6mm appliance locking kit

6mm appliance locking kit.

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6mm appliance security locking kit.

This kit allows you to secure a computer and monitor or any other appliance .
The cable has a stop at one end to act as an anchor point or a small hole can be
drilled into a surface to pass the cable through or you can use the padlock to secure the cable to a point.
The computer, device or appliance is secured with a screw on security lug.
This works by removing a screw from the computer, monitor or other device, then replacing the screw inside the lug. A set of screws are provided in case the existing screw is too short.
1 x 6mm x 1500mm steel cable with stop at one end and a cross hole to locate a
2 x Screw on security lug with a set of screws.
1 x 30mm Padlock, keyed alike or to differ.
If you have ordered a specific padlock number in the past and would like to receive the same number please add this information onto your order where it asks for extra information.