9mm desktop and peripheral security locking kit

9mm desktop and peripheral security locking kit.

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9mm desktop and peripheral security locking kit.

The kit allows you to secure a computer and a monitor to an anchor point
with a thick 9mm cable. The cable can be secured by a loop generator or a the anchor point.
The computer is secured with a screw on security lug.
This works by removing a screw from the computer, then replacing the screw inside the lug.
There is also an anchor plate with super glue and screws. This can either be
super glued to a surface or screwed to it. There is a security plate that protects the screws.
The monitor is secured via scissor hasp using the Kensington slot.
This kit contains

1 x, 1.5m x 9mm Security cable with shackleless end and stop end.

1x, 50mm Shackleless Padlock keyed alike or different.

1x, Anchor plate self-adhesive with 2 screws.

1x, Screw on security lug.

1x, Scissor HASPs/computer security slots.

1x, Loop generator.


If you have ordered a specific padlock number in the past and would like to receive the same number please add this information onto your order.