Cable trap with bolt

Cable trap with Bolt (x10)

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Pack of 10.  The bolted cable trap is a way of being able to prevent people wandering off with keyboards, mice and other cabled devices. 
This item can be secured to a surface by way of a screw or bolt, attached to your computer by removing a screw on the computer frame and feeding it back in through the cable trap or left loose on the desk with multiple cables through it so the can't just take one device.
There are two sets of holes on the keyboard trap to give different heights of cables.  The lower holes prevent the removal of USB-C/Thunderbolt and other very slim cables.  The upper holes would allow for larger cables to be secured.

The bolt is secured by way of Allen keys, which are also included in the kit.
This pack comes with
10x Cable traps (black).
10x M6 screws and barrels.
2x Allen keys.

Normal cable mouse traps without the bolt for use with our 6mm security cables are available by clicking the link below.