iMac security kit 2024.

iMac Security Kit 2024

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iMac Security Kit 2024.

We have developed a very simple yet effective system to deter the theft of your iMac and expensive power cable. 

This is compatible with all iMac's as of May 2024.

The 'Macdisc' is made from 3mm steel and you simply pass the cable through the hole in the stem of your iMac  (the disc is too large to pass through stem in the iMac). 

The included keyboard mouse trap will allow you to put the power cable through the trap and be secured to the security cable. You can then secure the Mac to your workstation by creating a loop in the security cable that can wrap around a firm object. The standard kit consists of:-

1 x Macdisc

1 x 1.5m long 9mm diameter cable with one stop end and one shackle less end. The cable core is 6mm diameter steel

1 x 50mm Shackle less padlock

1 x Loop generator

1 x Power cable trap.

If you have ordered a specific padlock number in the past and would like to receive the same number please add this information onto your order where it asks for extra information.