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Apple Mac Pro security device

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The new Apple Mac Pro system has been designed with a new fantastic compact design and is both smaller and lighter than the previous Mac Pro.

Apple Mac pro costs between £2,500 and £10,000 dependant on added software making the product very desirable to any wannabe thief.

This product, will not only stop any quick snatch, but also slows down the most determined type of criminal.

As well as being a high security locking device, the device will prevent the unit being knocked off the desk, resulting in unwanted damage and cost implications.

        Aesthetic security product offering top of the range security for the new mac Pro

High security locking mechanism
Keyed Differ or Keyed Alike options available
Innovative design allowing for normal ventilation
Physically bolts to floor or desk
Heavy duty spreader plate for desk fixing
Quick release & installation in and out of stand
Optional Fixing Point For 9mm Security Cable
Registered Design Registration Number 4034854